5 Secrets to Being a Successful Online College Student


Online school is extremely convenient, especially for working students and adult attendees. But how do you keep up with classwork without a strict class schedule or on-campus community?

Here are 5 secrets to online learning that will help make your experience a success.

1. Keep a routine
On-campus students settle into a rhythm as they go about their day. It’s crucial for online students to mimic this routine in order to stay productive and make the most of their schooling. If you want to opt for an online university experience, give yourself the same structured schedule that an on-campus student would have during your class times.

2. Reach out to classmates

It’s easy to stay isolated when you choose to learn online. But just because you don’t have in-person classes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still collaboratively learn new material with fellow classmates. Utilize resources such as video chat, social media, and conference calls to host study groups and create a learning community.

3. Learn to be tech-savvy

It’s important to understand the programs you use for classes and assignments. Otherwise, you may get points taken off for technology-related mistakes. You want to be graded on your competency in the coursework, not your ability to navigate a laptop. Whether you watch a tutorial, phone a friend, or contact your advisor there are many ways you can familiarize yourself with the tech you need to know.

4. Avoid multi-tasking

In order to keep focus during lectures, put away things that might distract you from the class. Keep your workspace clear, avoiding clutter and remnants of unfinished tasks that don’t pertain to your coursework. It might also be helpful to set your phone on airplane mode so that notifications don’t interrupt your focus. Shutting it off completely might also help you to avoid the temptation of digital rabbit trails of entertainment.

5. Establish a study space

Designate places that are solely used for school-related activities. Whether you have a spare corner available or you’re able to set up an entirely separate room, having a distinct schooling area is crucial to create an atmosphere of focus. When you enter that space, you know that it’s time to buckle down and get to work.