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Continuing education in the midst of a pandemic has proven to be a challenge, and universities have had to utilize online learning platforms in order to continue operating. One company took online education by...

5 Flexible Jobs For Working Students

College prices are rising at exponential rates, with public university tuition and expenses inflating by 212% over the last 20 years. As a result, about 8 in 10 students have to work while they...

Should You Trust Your Gut Instinct?

Have you ever had a feeling about a situation that was more powerful than the conscious thoughts in your brain? These can be signs of warning, or even signs of opportunity. Maybe you just...

Should You Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

One of the first things most college and university students realize when they start school is that full-blown adulthood is around the corner. The clock is ticking for when you’ll have to get a...

Degrees for Government Jobs

You’re ready to make your career move and you realize you need to go back to school to make it happen. Whether you plan to attend college traditionally in on-campus classes, or you intend...

Is It a Series of Hook-ups or a Relationship? How to Tell.

We get it. You’re very busy. And the person you’re hooking up with is also very busy. Whether it’s work, school, family stuff—it can be hard to carve out a lot of time for...

Famous Colleges & Universities Offering Degrees Online

Online school is becoming much more of an everyday reality. Of college students, around 33% take at least one online course. You will face a lot of choices when you decide to pursue your...

Most Useful Degrees for Any Career

  Everyone struggles with picking the major that will give them the job of their dreams. But research shows that only 27% of college graduates have a job related to their major! If the stats...

Are You Ready to Study Abroad?

The idea of going abroad to study is baked into the American college experience dream. Books, movies, television shows all show the romantic version of study abroad life when the heroine jets off to...