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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Notes Digitally

Pen or keyboard? Whether you prefer to carefully craft handwritten notes or clack away at the keyboard of your laptop, there’s an answer to this age-old debate. The most convenient way to take notes is...

Do This To Get Ahead of Your Classmates

In a sea of students, it can feel hard to stand out. You want to get a good grade and retain the information that is being taught. But plenty of your peers want the...

5 Apps That Will Change Your Online School Experience

Efficiency is key when it comes to online learning. One of its primary benefits is its flexibility, and the only way to take advantage of that is by using class time efficiently. You don’t...

Degrees for Government Jobs

You’re ready to make your career move and you realize you need to go back to school to make it happen. Whether you plan to attend college traditionally in on-campus classes, or you intend...

Give Your Resume a Makeover

When you’re writing your resume, you worry that it will just be passed over with barely a glance once you turn in your job application. Considering the Career Builder survey that found 23% of...

Do You Need a Master’s Degree to Get Promoted?

The first time someone told you that you needed to go to grad school you probably cringed. Whether you were in high school at the time, or working on your undergrad, chances are that...

Are You Ready to Study Abroad?

The idea of going abroad to study is baked into the American college experience dream. Books, movies, television shows all show the romantic version of study abroad life when the heroine jets off to...

Should You Get a Degree Online?

  In 2020, 98% of college institutions have had to convert their courses from in-person to online. Millions of students already take online courses, and the popularity of these courses is only projected to grow....

Should You Let Your Mom Choose Your Major?

Ok, we know. Your parents are the last people you really want to turn to for life advice. Well, other than the “eat your breakfast,” and “brush your teeth” kind of advice. After all,...