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How to Budget as a College Student

If you’re currently enrolled in a degree program, you probably know that being a poor college student is more than just a cliche. If you find yourself trying to make your loan money stretch...

Can You Choose the Wrong Online Degree?

You’ve decided to go back to school, and you think an online degree is the right choice for you. Money might be a motivating factor, or maybe you just want to switch fields to...

How Fast Can You Get a Degree?

A lot of people are making the choice to finish their degrees. Between 2000 - 2010, there was a 42% increase in college and university students over the age of 25. When you make...

Jobs for People Who are Nice

Do you make friends easily? Have you been told you’re easy to talk to and that you’re a good friend? Are you someone people describe as thoughtful and nice? We all know the health benefits...

Should You Let Your Mom Choose Your Major?

Ok, we know. Your parents are the last people you really want to turn to for life advice. Well, other than the “eat your breakfast,” and “brush your teeth” kind of advice. After all,...

Should You Take Summer Classes Online?

When you’re enrolled in college classes, sometimes the only thing that motivates you during the spring semester is the thought of summer vacation. Traveling, working a seasonal job, sleeping in every chance you get-...

Are You Ready to Study Abroad?

The idea of going abroad to study is baked into the American college experience dream. Books, movies, television shows all show the romantic version of study abroad life when the heroine jets off to...

How To Balance Your Schedule Like a Pro

If you’re currently pursuing a degree, you know how hard it is to have so many responsibilities to balance. Even forgetting one small thing could cost you your grade. So how do you successfully...

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Notes Digitally

Pen or keyboard? Whether you prefer to carefully craft handwritten notes or clack away at the keyboard of your laptop, there’s an answer to this age-old debate. The most convenient way to take notes is...