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Best Side Gig Apps for Students

Look, the broke college student who lives on packets of ramen is a cliche for a reason. That’s because the college years can be a tough financial time for many students. One survey found...

5 Apps That Will Change Your Online School Experience

Efficiency is key when it comes to online learning. One of its primary benefits is its flexibility, and the only way to take advantage of that is by using class time efficiently. You don’t...

Should You Take Summer Classes Online?

When you’re enrolled in college classes, sometimes the only thing that motivates you during the spring semester is the thought of summer vacation. Traveling, working a seasonal job, sleeping in every chance you get-...

Famous Colleges & Universities Offering Degrees Online

Online school is becoming much more of an everyday reality. Of college students, around 33% take at least one online course. You will face a lot of choices when you decide to pursue your...

How to Network While Going to School Online

  Studies show that 70% of jobs are found through networking. One of the biggest benefits of an on-campus college education is the ability to build relationships quickly, with many convenient opportunities to get to...

Grandma’s Spring Cleaning Tips

An important and sometimes overlooked aspect of overall wellness is the environments we’re in. You can’t always do much about your geographic location or your work or school locations or building conditions. One place...

Is It a Series of Hook-ups or a Relationship? How to Tell.

We get it. You’re very busy. And the person you’re hooking up with is also very busy. Whether it’s work, school, family stuff—it can be hard to carve out a lot of time for...

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Notes Digitally

Pen or keyboard? Whether you prefer to carefully craft handwritten notes or clack away at the keyboard of your laptop, there’s an answer to this age-old debate. The most convenient way to take notes is...

Do Your Major and Minor Need to Match?

Your choice of college major is, for lack of a better term, major. Whatever discipline you choose to earn your degree in will most likely determine your future career. Depending on what your career...