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5 Flexible Jobs For Working Students

College prices are rising at exponential rates, with public university tuition and expenses inflating by 212% over the last 20 years. As a result, about 8 in 10 students have to work while they...

Should You Let Your Mom Choose Your Major?

Ok, we know. Your parents are the last people you really want to turn to for life advice. Well, other than the “eat your breakfast,” and “brush your teeth” kind of advice. After all,...

Grandma’s Spring Cleaning Tips

An important and sometimes overlooked aspect of overall wellness is the environments we’re in. You can’t always do much about your geographic location or your work or school locations or building conditions. One place...

Ace Your Exams With These 4 Studying Hacks

Spring break is just around the corner, and that means that students have a whole week to relax, travel, and socialize. But a long break can only mean one thing- mind-numbing tests need to...

Online Degrees for College Dropouts.

Many students dropout of their college or university education. It’s not unusual for people to go to college and then have to stop for one reason or another. In fact, only 58% of students...

How to Network While Going to School Online

  Studies show that 70% of jobs are found through networking. One of the biggest benefits of an on-campus college education is the ability to build relationships quickly, with many convenient opportunities to get to...

5 Ways to Minimize Student Debt

About 43 million Americans are in debt from student loans. But the looming stress of borrowed money can have a negative impact on your career and lifestyle. How can you get your degree without...

5 Helpful Tips For College Applications

Trying to get into college can feel like complete chaos. Where should you apply? When? How do you have the best odds of getting in? All of those questions can feel overwhelming, but the application...

Jobs for People Who are Nice

Do you make friends easily? Have you been told you’re easy to talk to and that you’re a good friend? Are you someone people describe as thoughtful and nice? We all know the health benefits...