Should You Take a J-Term Class?


Short for “January Term,” J-Term classes are a useful tool to help you get ahead in your degree. By taking these four-week condensed courses, you can fit more class content into a shorter period of time. They are designed to be taken over the duration of breaks between terms and follow individualized schedules.

But would this kind of class suit your academic needs? You may want to look into enrolling in a J-Term class if any of the following statements apply to you:

Improving Grades

Did you take a math class that didn’t turn out the way you thought it would? Were there extenuating circumstances that prevented you from being able to perform at your best? By taking a J-term class, you can boost your GPA and make up for poor grades from previous semesters. This provides a cushion for your grades so that you can successfully continue your college education.

Graduating Early

The biggest incentive for taking J-term classes is graduating early. Every degree audit requires a certain number of credit hours to complete before graduation, and by continuing classes through winter break you’re able to get your degree in less time. This saves you money on tuition, university fees, textbooks, housing, and other pricey expenses that come with higher education.

Double Majoring 

Being a double major is a bold move for any college student. It adds a great deal of weight to your class schedule, and is very demanding of your complete and total focus. J-term classes can help you make the most of your time at college by taking advantage of breaks as an opportunity to continue enhancing your education. It’s difficult to take all the classes required for two separate majors within a traditional four-year undergrad period. By utilizing J-term classes, balancing the large course load of multiple majors is much more feasible.

Remote Access

J-term classes are primarily available online, making it easy to access class content from any location. Even if you’re home for the holidays or you change your living arrangements between semesters, these kinds of logistical issues don’t have to affect your learning. As long as you have wi-fi access and a reliable device, you have all you need to take a January term course.