4 Convenient Features on Zoom That No One Told You About


Continuing education in the midst of a pandemic has proven to be a challenge, and universities have had to utilize online learning platforms in order to continue operating. One company took online education by storm during the outbreak and has been integrated into the schooling of over 700 higher education institutions- Zoom. Amidst this surge in Zoom users, not everyone has had the chance to get trained thoroughly before being thrown into the deep end of online education. If you’re using this virtual conferencing platform to complete your coursework, check out these 4 convenient Zoom features that you may not have known existed.

1. Multi-Share

During a lecture, a professor is often the only one sharing their screen with the class. But you can do the same as an attendee! By taking advantage of the multi-share feature, students can engage more with the professor and other classmates. This makes it much simpler to share presentations, work on group projects during class time, and ask specific questions about the content being learned.

2. Personal Meeting Rooms

In such uncertain times, it can be difficult to meet with professors in person to discuss the class and make connections that are a crucial part of the college experience. Personal meeting rooms are a one-time link that can begin instantly, and many professors have used this feature as an alternative to traditional office hours. If you’d like to keep up with networking and still have access to your instructors outside of class, make sure that they are aware of this feature so you can still connect remotely.

3. Touch-Ups

Are you wanting to look a little bit more professional during your Zoom call, but you don’t necessarily have the time to get all dolled up and find decent lighting? You can improve your shared video image with the touch-up feature. The official Zoom website shares that all you need to do is click “Settings,” “Video,” and then “Touch-up my appearance” in order to activate this tool. It helps to brighten and smooth your image so you look more refreshed without looking drastically artificial.

4. Zoom Scheduler

Zoom Scheduler is a free chrome extension that can be downloaded to automatically sync your google calendar with Zoom. This helps you to keep the links for recurring meetings in an easily accessible location so that you don’t have to continually search through your inbox for the initial link. It also sends you reminders for classes and meeting times so that you don’t accidentally miss a scheduled call.